It’s been 2 whole months since I settled down in UK..

With work piling up, I don’t even had the chance to watch my usual Kpop variety especially IS2 like I did every saturday back in Malaysia..been looking up recapped episodes for SECRET (most exciting KDrama of 2013), I’ve found Ripgal’s blog and keep on checking every now & then until I’ve read about this wonderful episode of IS2.

It also happened to be a legend whom I’ve adored but only known to korean…


Needless to say how wonderful he is since he is the LEGEND of the episode..and the singers line-up for this episode was just DAEBAK!! It was like a gathering of all the Kings & Queens of IS2…

Moon Myung Jin, Ali, Kim So Hyun & Song Jun Ho, KWill, Wheesung, Sandeul

All of them just take my breath away with their voices.

Sandeul sang a lovely song “I’m a candle before you” with all his heart while reminiscing the moment with his late aunt whom encouraged him to sing. And with that, he beat all and win the 1st place.


Credit: thesuitelife765

That’s being said, enjoy the clip of him singing and let him melt your heart away. Like I did.

Tata…thil then..Muahxx..



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